#R2BC Wednesday’s #GoodNews

After all the excitement of yesterday I guess today may look a little mundane; well, unless you like stacking multi-dimensional oranges.

However, there is some great news that has got me smiling. 🙂
With a Raspberry Pi coming back from the International Space Station it seems only right that another British Micro Computer should reach for the heavens as a BBC Micro Bit makes it into the upper atmosphere. 🙂 I remember when I was at school I remember the wonder of playing with a BBC Micro and then the influence of Acorn and Spectrum on home computing and the start the of the games industry in the UK.

With more and more stories coming through of new and inventive ways of using these single board computers it’s great to see the spark of innovation being nurtured in a new generation.

Also as a fan of Pluto I am fascinated to find out if there really is another planet in the solar system. 🙂 Who know’s what we might find if we look a little further?

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