#R2BC Tuesday’s #GoodNews

Big news of the day is the United Arab Emirates creating government ministers with responsibilities for Happiness and Tolerance. With so much of the mainstream news focused around turmoil in Africa and the Middle East, or the potential threats posed by Daesh, the Taliban, Al’Qada etc. it is can be easy to imagine that all of the Umma are intolerant nut jobs. So seeing a respected Middle Eastern Government bringing the importance of the Happiness of its citizens and Tolerance to the heart of government is certainly something to smile about.

Speaking of tolerance, the UK government has announced a pilot scheme to help reduce re-offending rates by giving prison governors more freedom on the sort of educational schemes and resources they provide. As someone how suffers with depression, and has had life trip me up a few times, I’m a great believer in 2nd chances, so here’s hoping this scheme meets with plenty of success. 🙂

Enjoy these great stories. 🙂

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