#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews

Lots of interesting news from the weekend. Over the past couple of years of writing #R2BC it’s been amazing to watch the political progress being made around the world especially in Iran, Cuba, and Myanmar. When you’re bombarded on social media about, “how politicians are greedy scum” or that “governments are all corrupt” it is a breath of fresh air to see genuine progress and leaders making a huge difference.

Moving on to what is also occasionally hailed as a hopeless cause, British Tennis. After the Davis Cup win last year there are likely, more than a few, people who will be focusing on Andy Murray’s loss in the Australian open final. If you are, please pull back your blinkers because Jamie Murray won the Doubles Title, Gordon Reid claimed the Wheelchair Singles Top Spot and while Jo Konta may not have won she has amazed by reaching the Semi-Finals. Last year she was 147 in the World, and today she’s been confirmed as the Number 28.

So turn away from Football Deadline turmoil and embrace the brighter side. 🙂

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