#R2BC Thursday’s #GoodNews

Good news continues to flow from this year’s Australian Open. While it’s sad that Johanna Konta didn’t make it to the final her efforts have been amazing not just in her win against Venus Williams in the 1st Round but the fact that this Grand Slam performance will see her world ranking continue to rise, from 147 January last year, and from 47 to within the World’s Top 30. As we wait to hear how Andy Murray fairs his brother Jamie continues his stunning doubles career with another finals spot and Gordon Reid hopes to build on his shock win against 8-time champion Shingo Kunieda and claim the title.

In other big news, if you need to restore a little faith in human nature, 2 social media campaigns have come good. Firstly, the locating of a much beloved pet after a crash. The second, and perhaps more impressive, was the life-saving campaign that located rare A Negative blood for an injured backpacker in Thailand. A backpacker who is now taking her first steps.

So stick with the positive and help those around you to smile. You never know the difference it might make. 🙂

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