More than a Move

460xFor many, the big news in Football over the past few days has been that the Rams are heading back to LA and that the Chargers or Raiders may well be joining them in the city of angels. Undeniably big news? Perhaps less so for for Missouri, who will be left with a resurgent Chiefs and between the Cards and Rams have seen franchises move before, but definitely for the sunshine state; not just for boost to LA but the heartache for Oakland if the Raiders chose to move again and undoubtedly for San Diego which has nearly 50 years of history with the Chargers.

mv5bmtywnjgwndg0nv5bml5banbnxkftztgwmzy1mjaynze-_v1_sy317_cr00214317_al_Momentous as these events are, there is a story that seems to be running a little more under the radar of many Football fans, and that is the new Zero1 Helmet by Seattle start-up Vicis. Concussions have become a growing concern in most contact sports, but with numerous court cases and the release of Will Smith’s movie Concussion, perhaps none more so than Football and the NFL.

With equipment firms like Riddell & Schutt bringing out new helmets each year with greater and greater claims for concussion protection the new Zero1 is taking its inspiration from the motor vehicle industry for the best way to deal with high speed impacts.


Designed to flex providing a crumple zone for mean less energy transferred to the athlete and their brain can only be a good thing.


It’s well worth checking out this article in WIRED for more information. When combined with the NFL’s growing interest in technology and data this should mean not only a better understanding of this amazing sport but importantly increased protection for the players at its heart.



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