#R2BC Wednesday’s #GoodNews – A Taste of Success

Great to see the Anglican Church’s 1st Female Bishop taking her place in the House of Lords and a lovely story to follow up on the news of an openly gay priest elected to the Anglican Synod. All too often, when we hear about religion it’s about zealots and extremists, so it’s great to see stories of faith being about love, respect and evolving with the modern world.

However, the most inspiring news for me is that a prisoner-run restaurant is in the UK Top-10. One of the biggest challenges for those who, are likely to take to a life of crime or, end up in prison is feeling like they have other options. The restaurant represents an amazing opportunity, to find self esteem, skills and a taste of success. Also as, any other, fans of the Great British Menu can attest, being in the UK Top 10 is no mean feat.

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