#R2BC Wednesday’s #GoodNews – Positive Gaming

Well first of all, Happy Birthday to the Women’s Institute; an amazing institution doing great things for women and food around the UK. Following the current run of Great British Menu on BBC iPlayer has given a fascinating look into some great food and the organisation’s history. 🙂

That out of the way the story that has really made me grin is about the growing body of evidence on how Video Games change our brains. Seriously tempted to editorialise a bit on this in my Fzap blog as it’s been a subject of much debate for many years. As many will, no doubt know, historically if Video Games tend to get in the mainstream news it’s because they’re violent or accused of making someone violent. There has been decades of inconclusive research into this area but very interestingly there is a growing body of work about the benefits of games. As human beings we often learn best through forms of play. It builds social bonds and key skills. Playing video games is now scientifically to be shown to help improve motor skills, memory and more. Interesting article, well worth checking out and a distinct moment of pride for this old gamer.

Off to work on my High Scores. 😀

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