Alex’s Tough Mudder Journal #4 – T Minus 100

Well it’s T minus 100 until the London South Tough Mudder and it’s fair to say I’m a little nervous. When I did the London Marathon back in 2004 it’s fair to say that the distance was just a number until I got to the start. Now, years old, and may be a little wiser, I am a little intimidated. I know I can do most of the obstacles, I know I will face the test with a friend. I know people believe in me, but this will still be a very tough test.

Is the training working? I would say yes, but judge for yourself from these pics over the past few months.










I’m definitely seeing the benefit in the gym with the Tough Mudder Bootcamp getting progressively easier.

But now as the countdown starts the important part, raising money for the REAL heroes.
So far I’ve managed to raise over £500 for Help For Heroes. A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has pledge so far but we’ve got 3 months to do even more.


So what next?

Well I’m hoping to raise £1000 and I have designed a poster if you’d like to help out.

Poster Final

If you’d like to download the poster to put up at your gym, school, club, shop you can grab the PDF Here. If you’d like to donate you can find my Donations page HERE. Any help is appreciated and will make all the difference, not just to Help for Heroes but also to me, on race day.

So, less than 100 days to go, wish me luck. 🙂

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