#R2BC Friday’s #GoodNews – Geekgasm!! :D

Part of me wants to say this is about the amazing new memory alloy that’s just shattered a world record…but I’d be fibbing and Reasons to be Cheerful is not about fibs. The stories that have got my geeky juices flowing are that cult comedy show Big Bang Theory are setting up a $4m Scholarship to help support and encourage the new generations of scientists. So massive props to Mayim Bialik, Chuck Lorre and the crew, plus, best of luck to the 20 first Big Bang Theory Scholars at UCLA.

Also on important moves in the heady world of Higher Education, one of the world’s oldest and most famous college’s Oxford has announced it is appointing its first female Vice-Chancellor. Congratulations Louise Richardson, may the dreaming spires flourish under your care.

I hope you all have a chance to push a great theory or dream this weekend.
Have a great time and enjoy these great stories.

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