#R2BC Tuesday’s #GoodNews – Face of Shakespeare

In as much as you can often learn more looking inward, sometimes it’s important to look back. This is important not just in terms of self knowledge, but also to exclude the dangers of assumptions based on received knowledge and not forgetting something that we may later rely on. In the modern world, it’s all to easy to assume we have all the answers, the best answers and dismiss our heritage and the lessons from what has gone before.

Today, there are two stories that embody this idea. First, that a 400-year-old botany book may contain the only portrait of Shakespeare actually draw in his lifetime, bringing us a little closer to one of history’s greatest writers. From Australia and a study which is drawing scientific data about a meteor strike from Aboriginal Legend, is not only fascinating but contains a little magic, in that not all legends are allegorical, or mythical and may contain more than a kernel of truth at their heart.

On that note have a magical day. 😀

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