#R2BC Thursday’s #GoodNews – More than Elections :)

As a rule, politics does not tend to find it’s way into Reasons to be Cheerful a great deal; to be frank, I was a little worried that today I would find good news hard to find. However, today is one of the days I love to be proved wrong. 😀

This is not to say that the UK’s General Election is not exciting or important. It is, and not only will I be voting, I heartily encourage everyone with the ability to vote today to do so. Not my place to say who you should vote for, merely that you should do your part. Please. 😀

Big news on the cancer front with a possible treatment breakthrough in Cardiff, and IBM lending it’s Watson Supercomputer to help cancer data get sifted faster to speed up Cancer Treatment!!

I think my favourite stories today concern 3 amazing people:

If that’s not enough, be sure to check out these great positive news stories from around the world.

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