#R2BC Friday’s #GoodNews – Non pascentur, quod Troglodytae

Tough one today, but I think it’s important to highlight people taking personal responsibility.
You’ve probably seem all the news concerning Jeremy Clarkson’s fall from grace at the BBC. As a result of the BBC’s decision idiots on the internet started sending threats to members of BBC staff including the unfortunate victim of the assault, producer Oisin Tymon. Today, I doff my cap to Mr. Clarkson for coming out publicly, taking responsibility for his actions and telling people to leave Oisin Alone.

After Monica Lewinsky’s impassioned TED talk on cyberbullying, we all need to remember, as internet users, to take responsibility for our actions.

Just like a certain Teenage Tweeter. So if you take anything from today remember this, have a heart and take responsibility. As we’re not all lucky enough to get a second chance.

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