Alex’s Tough Mudder Journal #2

2 weeks in, and while my fitness is improving I’ve picked up a very nasty cold. So while I’m having a bit of an enforced rest it’s time to talk a little about what I’m doing and why.

Okay, for the uninitiated Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile obstacle race which was first held in the US back in 2010. It’s part of a growing number of similar obstacle races from around the world including Spartan Race, Rat Race, Warrior Dash and many more.

While this growth in extreme cross country exercise may seem fairly recent I can remember watching reports about the yearly Tough Guy races held with the help of the British Army. I’ve thought about trying something like Tough Mudder, but, as is often the case these things can end up forgotten, lowered in priority, pushed on to the back burner as real life takes over. As you know, my friend Maria asked for help and, after a year in the pit with the black dog, I thought I’d start the climb back into the light by helping a friend climb out of muddy pits, haul ourselves over walls and through dark tunnels back into the light. No, the irony here isn’t lost on me. 🙂

The other big inspiration was finding out that Tough Mudder support Help for Heroes. As a kid I have to admit I felt the call to serve my country and I’m privileged enough to know a great many who have taken that path; I’m more than proud to call them my friends, my inspiration and to help raise funds to help wounded service personnel. Add the fact that Tough Mudder were kind enough to set me up a fundraising page it seemed churlish not to make use of it.

There’ll be more to come about my training, who Help for Heroes are and what they do, as well as my own fundraising efforts over the coming weeks. If you’d like to support Maria or Me in our efforts, words of support are more than welcome.

But please, if you can, donate HERE. and help support Maria and Myself do something nuts for a good cause.

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