Alex’s Tough Mudder Journal #1

Crazy Things are Known to Happen

Crazy Things are Known to Happen

I have to admit that 2014 was really hard for me. Buying a home, getting married and getting a cat were all amazing but when the bad dog bit he bit incredibly hard in. After a brilliant final year playing for the Tamworth Phoenix in 2013 I found it incredibly hard to keep up the good gym habits and without the challenge my health mentally and
physically took a hit. Well it’s 2015 and I plan to be back.

So a couple of weeks ago Maria, one of my oldest friends, asked me to join her on a Tough Mudder in September. As a true friend, possible lunatic and all around good guy I’ve said yes. Pretty much everyone who has looked at the obstacles on the website says I’m nuts, including my daughter, but after running the London Marathon in 2004 it’s time to start pushing myself again. Not least of which is because Maria and I will be raising money for Help for Heroes.


It’s not going to be an easy journey, but one I’d like you to take it with me. Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting a journal with fitness updates, details about Tough Mudder, Fund Raising and more…

See you at the finish.

11 thoughts on “Alex’s Tough Mudder Journal #1

      • Haha!! No I did not 🙈 and ps that’s awesome!!! 🙂 I wanted to do that this year but have too many commitments, next year hopefully! Have you done the Liverpool rock and roll?

      • Will see.
        American Football is a lot of explosive intervals, usually ending in someone trying to snap you in two.
        Tough Mudder will be a very different challenge but while one voice in my head is asking me if I’m sure about this, there’s another one who can’t stop giggling. 😀

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