#R2BC Thursday’s #GoodNews – Taking a Dip

Apologies for a couple of days away, sometimes life demands other priorities of us. However if you’re in Northern England or the North Eastern United States today is a good day for some news to make you feel a little warmer.

Technology appears to be the order of the day with the latest in crime fighting gadgets, Videolink apps to help the blind, the growth of Scotland’s Space Industry, the sound signature of icebergs or, my personal favourite, the world’s tiniest chess video game.

The other big news sits in the animal kingdom. President Obama is proposing to expand the Alaskan Widlerness Refuge which would halt possible fossil fuel exploration in the area, while plans to potentially save the Northern White Rhino begin to take shape. Though as we learn more about our own evolution the story that strikes a chord is of a change at the Natural History Museum. All visitor attractions need to change and evolve over time to maintain the interest of the public, and with the Natural History Museum their incredible catalogue of finds means that only a tiny portion of their accumulated knowledge is ever on show. The change comes with plans to update the entry hall moving the iconic Brontosaurus Skeleton ‘Dippy’ with that of a diving Blue Whale and one I hope to see with my own family.

Wrap up warm today if you need to and I hope the following stories brighten your day.

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