#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews – Team Work

Firstly, on the weekend that the US Supreme Court announces it will rule on Gay Marriage, huge congratulations to Stephen Fry and Elliot Spencer. Auspicious timing for your vows, indeed.

Lots of amazing stories from the weekend, from hope in Mali, tolerance in Paris to the start of peace in Libya and release in Syria.

For the me the biggest grin is from Rugby, most notably from the unlikely location of Venezuela, where Rum distiller Alberto Vollmer is fighting gang violence with Rugby Therapy. Contact sports providing a sense of teamwork, opening people’s eyes to honour, sportsmanship and mutual respect. So a big thumbs up for Rugby Rehab and also for the guys training for a record breaking match.

Like good team-mates remember to share your good news with those around you.
There is positives out there, all around you, if you look for them. 😀

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