#R2BC Friday’s #GoodNews – Rediscovered

Today is a day for rediscovery. Firstly, the rediscovery of the Beagle2 Mars lander thought lost in 2003. Found intact by the Curiosity Rover if may begin to answer questions as to why communication with the lander was lost over 10 years ago. For fans of Retro Gaming, and children of all ages, a remodelled ZX Spectrum is about to go into production. Sir Clive Sinclair’s Spectrum computers were a driving force behind a generation of coders and gamers, as well as helping create and inspire companies such as Codemasters, Eidos, Bullfrog and more. While the Raspberry Pi is inspiring a new generation of coders this new Spectrum comes preloaded with 1000 classic games to help a new generation discover the innovations that have led to the Xbox 1, PS4 and much of the technology we take for granted as part of our everyday lives.

Perhaps the most important rediscovery is of young people wanting to be involved in politics. Looking at my friends’ feeds on social media, looking at so many news stories we find it all too easy to not only find fault with politicians but with anyone who wants to be involved with politics and public service. The Scottish Referendum and the extending of the vote to 16 & 17 year olds appears to have inspired a new generation of political activists. I can only hope that this new blood will inspire more people to take an active role in making society better, in taking a lead rather than sitting in the sidelines.

Today is a day for redicovering things lost, I hope you find something amazing today.

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