#R2BC Tuesday’s #GoodNews – Ride Along

Sometimes it’s hard to find positive stories, and sometimes it’s hard to pick the best story from the positive news I find. Today, I’m having no such problem. As we have seen from the recent news about the CIA, it is often true, that when faced with a threat one of the victims quickly becomes our own values. Demonising the people we feel are attacking us is easy in an environment of high emotion, we make them less than human as how could a person do something like that, something that is often made worse by a high speed media looking to summarise and give vent to a collective outcry of grief and pain. In the aftermath of the siege in Sydney, Australia, in a media world where we read of violence in the middle east almost daily, to blame a community for the actions of an individual. It was with a massive grin that I saw the #Illridealong hashtag as Australians chose to show solidarity with and offer protection to muslims so they need not fear a backlash. A wonderful public display of understanding and faith in humanity.

Somedays having faith in humanity gets that little bit easier 😀

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