#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews – Home

Hoping everyone has made it through Black Friday safely and it’s weathering Cyber Monday well. The theme grabbing me from the weekend is Home, from the re-homing of the Tower of London Ceramic Poppies, the returning of General Alzate in Colombia, and a missing boy returned home.

Also, considering current debates in the UK, the result of a referendum in Switzerland it’s good to know that, not only, will the country continue to welcome immigration, but the vote was 74% in favour. Living in the UK, with the growth of parties like UKIP, immigration seems never to be far from the headlines; with executive orders in the US the debate in America is just as heated. The irony being that for both the US and the UK, the history of our growth and prosperity is spelt out in our welcoming of immigration. It’s a heated debate that will likely rage on, but I hope that each and every one of us finds our way home. 🙂

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