#R2BC Thurday’s #GoodNews – 400 Thanks

Today, Reasons to be Cheerful us a little later than usual.
Today, is also Thanksgiving and the 400th Post here on SiliconNomad.com

So firstly a hearty HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! To my Friends across the Pond.
R2BC is running late due to a family crisis, which I give thanks was not much much worse.
However, much of the surprising news from today fills me with hope.

From news on the progress on the Ebola Vaccine, a potential breakthrough in Bladder Cancer Treatment, not to mention the drop in Amazon deforestation.

Controversially there is also the new German law on quotas for Company Boards. Although trialled in Scandinavia it will be very interesting to see what effect this change has on one of Europe’s largest economies, but if nothing else it’s a definite step forward in the campaign for equality.

Finally, while many a music fan may hale the record sales of vinyl, an amazing story for me, especially considering the recent release of the Turing Biopic “The Imitation Game”, the news that the project to rebuild EDSAC sees one of the earliest computers back on.

If you’re looking back on the past year, on the gifts that life has brought you, I hope you find yourself rich in family, friends and good fortune.

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