#R2BC Wednesday’s #GoodNews – Life’s Beginning?

After the amazing success of having a satellite travel for 10 years to put a lander on a comet, followed by concerns that the batteries had run out, news that the lander has found organic material is amazing. Some amazing science which I can only hope is helping inspire people around the world, while giving potential insights into the beginnings of life in the universe.

A pretty cool way to start the day 😀

  • Organic Molecules detected by Philae
  • Gates Foundation Pledges $5.7m to Ebola Blood Plasma Trials
  • Ebola vaccine on track for January
  • South Africa to spend $2.2bn on HIV & AIDS
  • Solomon Islands have first elections since end of peacekeeping mission
  • Pilot Whales spotted off Essex and being herded to safety
  • Nature Project gets £2.2m boost
  • Man tests negative for Ebola in Hereford
  • England 3-1 victory over Scotland
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