#R2BC Thursday’s #GoodNews – Okay Wilko!

While the possible thawing of tensions in the Far East is great news I have to say that the news that, blues guitarist, Wilko Johnson fights to play another year really warms my heart. I remember, not that long ago, listening to Wilko talk about his cancer, his good humour and being at peace with what was coming and like a true hero going out on a Farewell Tour. However, surgery to remove a 3 kilo tumour off his pancreas later and the man is still with us and I have to say that for once we’ll know that any comeback tour won’t simply be for the money. 😀 If the Delta Blues sound of Doctor Feelgood or the Wilko Johnson Band ain’t your thing then NASA is making the sounds of the cosmos available online for free.

However, unsurprisingly, the other news that made me grin is the support of the UK Government for the growing possibility of a London based NFL Franchise. As a big fan of the sport and a former player at an amateur level this could be something incredible for the sport in the UK, not just for fans, but for players and coaches as well, both in raising the profile of the sport, but more importantly opening doors to players to grow and improve as well as greater access to a wealth of experience.

Have a great Wednesday 😀

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