#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews – Lions’ Sporting Roar

Going through the stories today I was a little worried about at first.
Things were at risk of being a little quiet and filled with the Monday blues.
The news of continuing advances in an Ebola vaccine are brilliant, and a conference with the ambition to dramatically reduce poverty in Africa by 2025 definitely raised a smile. However, these stories alone weren’t enough to punch through the Monday blues (And this wasn’t due to the Bears losing to the Bills in overtime…no…honest…no, really).

Moving to the sporting review I have to say my socks are, most definitely, blown off.
This weekend sees a mountain of silver wear heading back to the UK.
A stunning run of cars, bikes, bats, rackets, running and more, plus a Gold and 2 Silver medals at the Modern Pentathlon World Championships in Poland.

So if you missed the amazing British Summer of Sport, the Autumn is far from disappointing so far.

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