#R2BC 3 Days of #GoodNews

A busy week in the real world has kept Silicon Nomad offline but the good news keeps on flowing.

For anyone still worrying about Great Britain having a bad Summer of Sport the last 3 days has kept up the pressure as the gold medals keep mounting at the Youth Olympics, IPC European Championships and European Swimming Championships. If your heart belongs to football (and I’ll admit mine doesn’t), then rejoice as England thrash Wales 4-0 to qualify for the World Cup.

With the ALS ice bucket challenge doing the rounds on the internet it seems appropriate that the last 3 days have seen some amazing healthcare stories. From great news about the detection of heart defects, cancer treatment, Polio and even good news about Ebola.

You can find out more about Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease) HERE.

PLEASE remember! If you take the challenge, donate to the cause, it’s not just about you looking good on YouTube. 😀

Enjoy the Good News and a Great Weekend 😀

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