#R2BC Wednesday’s #GoodNews – Better than you Think

Not that long ago people were complaining that Britain wasn’t having a very good sporting Summer.
Bad performance at the World Cup, Andy Murray having a rough time at Queens and Wimbledon, Cavendish and Froome crashing in the Tour de France etc. etc.
But if you go beyond you find so much more.
A dominant performance against India in the recent test match, a great commonwealth games and medals of all flavours in swimming, fencing and more.

  • Argentinian activist finds stolen grandson
  • Israeli-Palestinian indirect tealks begin in Cairo
  • Rosetta probe goes into orbit around 67P
  • People rescued from arson in Ballymena
  • Queensferry Crossing reaches halfway stage
  • New species of dinosaur discovered
  • 5 GB Golds at European Championships
  • England punish Spain 45-5 at World Cup

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