#R2BC Wednesday’s #GoodNews – A Price Worth Paying?

While record breaking stamps and German explorers getting saved are impressive the two stand out stories from today are Japan’s ban on the possession of child pornography and the US expansion on marine national parks.

The latter is a bit of a no brainer, as the stories from earlier in the week show the health of the Great Barrier Reef improving now is a time that we should be more concerned about the oceans that cover the majority of the planet we call our home. For now the oceans remain relatively lawless but we can hope the creation of further reserves will help protect our natural heritage as well as vital resources.

When it comes to the news from Japan this is an issue that is more complex than it first looks.
When Japan surrendered in WWII the US recreated the country with a constitution much like its own.
The result was a ban on censorship which has resulted in some of the most sublime and shocking art the world has seen. However, just as the US struggles with issues of freedom of speech when confronted by the obscene and hateful, the curtailing of constitutionally enshrined rights is never something that can be done lightly. However, hats off to Japan in joining the rest of the world in taking a stand against the exploitation of children.

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