#R2BC Saturday’s #GoodNews – AKA the New Friday for a Day

Apologies for missing R2BC yesterday but, with this having been half term, my priority has really been on my family.
Today saw a lovely trip to Leeds Royal Armouries, which was made a huge amount of fun by the happening upon SWASH 2014 and in particularly a, fascinating, lecture about swordsmithing from Danelli Armouries.

The gentlemanly art of swordplay apart there’s also been plenty in the world to smile about over the past day or so.
Not least of which has been the retracing of the Cockleshell Heroes journey, one of the most famous stories in special forces history, by amputee veterans.

Enjoy the stories and keep smiling 🙂

  • Hundreds of thousands of lives saved by advances in treatment of Blood Pressure
  • Meeting in Kenya in effort to bring peace to South Sudan
  • Sudanese Woman sentences to death to be set free
  • Kidnapped woman rescued in Malaysia
  • Captured US soldier freed in Afghanistan
  • Amputees retrace Cockleshell Heroes journey
  • Rowers complete 100-mile adventure
  • CBI & BCC say British Economy in Good Health
  • Lowry painting to recieve rare public showing
  • Lost Hitchhiker drafts to be published
  • Edinburgh trams roll into action
  • Giant Aquarium opens on Mexico
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