#R2BC Thursday’s #GoodNews – The Write Respect

John Kovalic's great webcomic

John Kovalic’s great webcomic







Another big day for science with HIV cures, schoolboy fusion and marathon sharks. However, what struck me today was a post up from one of my favourite webcomic artists, John Kovalic, about sharing images and content online. As a prospective writer it’s a subject close to my heart, and with this in mind 2 stories jumped out at me; first was the news from Getty Images that they are making 35 Million photos free to use to help reduce piracy. The second was the freeing of a blogger in Tunisia. Arabic countries have a very harsh reputation when it comes to satire, especially when it comes to the subject of religion, so the freeing of this blogger can be seen as a potential step forward.

To create anything beautiful, be it words, images, photographs or music takes an investment from your heart and soul, so if you come across something that moves you remember not only to share, but to say thank you and never ask the person creating it to do it for free. 🙂

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