#R2BC Monday’s #GoodNews – Which Path Will You Choose?

From BBC

There is an old saying that if we look down, beneath our feet we will find the beaten path. In Norfolk this appears to be more true than in other parts of the UK as archeologists find the world’s oldest footprints, outside of Africa. The saying also tells us that this to shall pass, and today is a particular day to be hopeful, coming out of the darkness of recent economic strife reports tell us that business confidence is its highest for over 20 years, and there are fewer empty shops than there have been for 4 years.

On a more human note after the weekend saw the first civilians able to escape the siege of Homs in Syria we see the Syrian Peace talks restarting in Geneva and the hope of further ceasefires. In the US legal rights for same-sex spouses have been extended news that perhaps helped inspire sports stars Michael Sam & Casey Stoney to talk to the world about their sexuality. So take courage, and be brave. 🙂

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