#R2BC Officially 1 Year of #GoodNews

A beginning

Been so busy recently with various things that today almost passed me by.
I honestly thought the anniversary of reasons to be cheerful wasn’t going to be for another week so today isn’t just the 10 year anniversary of Facebook.

Have to say I’m shocked by the fact that it has been a full year of positive news.
In some ways I guess my point has been proven but I don’t see this as a reason to stop.
This blog has made people smile, saved a life and has changed the view that many people have of the news and the possibilities of things around the world.

So for comparison here are today’s positive news stories:

  • Queen to meet Pope in Rome
  • Syrian Chemical weapons chipments completed by March according to Russia
  • Scotland’s Same-Sex Marriage Bill to be given final approval
  • Rapid Growth reported in UK construction sector
  • Medieval Coin Hoard found in Scotland
  • A smartphone game that helps in cancer research
  • Lucky Escape for Snowdon fall man
  • Welsh dialysis gets million pound upgrade
  • And for those of you who didn’t share in the start on facebook, here’s where it all began:

    Each morning I drive to world listening to the Today show on Radio 4 and I’m left with a regular sense of impending doom; I check my Social Media Feeds & E-mails for stories of my friends joy and successes and I’m generally bombarded with rants, shared posters about evil government and how the economy is screwed; I glance at the front pages of newspapers in the queue at the canteen at work to see a steady flow of stories about broken relationships, corruption and death; I get home and turn on the TV to be assailed by images of horror and more news about the end being pretty much nigh. Now while a bit of an exaggeration it often feels like I’m not exaggerating at all or if I am only a little bit. So I look outside and see the sky is still there, I look around and see that no one appears to have suddenly dropped dead and that lunch is still being served.

    So I am generally left asking if things really as bad as people keep telling me? Now, I will freely admit that as someone living in the developed west with solid qualifications and a partner I love to bits I have got it better than plenty of people in the world, but I keep getting told that we are all going to get it in the neck any minute now so I thought I would have a look and see if there was anything below the fold that it was worth mentioning. So here are some headlines you likely have not heard:

    Some of these are fluffy human interest stories, others have genuine impact for our lives and futures.
    Remembering the eighties, nineties and noughties I don’t think I can remember any extended period of time when someone wasn’t telly me that something awful was happening or about to happen, weather it was terrorists, unemployment, impending financial doom, or certain death if your went to the doctors or used the NHS (Again exaggerating…a little). Recently a lot of the worst news has not come from revelations of past misdeeds, for me such news should not be bemoaned but celebrated as the truth comes to light and we can see how society has moved on and that people have a chance at justice. At some point something bad will likely happen to all of us in our lives. At that time you may well have to choose between staring into the darkness where everything will seem broken or impossible, or look to the positive, build on it and climb a little higher.

    Hope everyone finds a ray of sunshine today.
    check out Jake Bugg evidence that there is still plenty of good music

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