#R2BC #Monday’s #GoodNews Digest – Keep Looking Forward

Looking at news sites and many are already putting up their reviews of 2013. Turning back to the past for me? Well that will likely be centred around the news that Classic 70s & 80s video games to be made available online. Today, right now, these moments can be so passing that we can forget, the creativity and effort that went in to creating this virtual world we spend so much of our lives in. They say that once something is on the internet that you can’t escape it, that it’s there forever no matter what. There are campaigns to help people extinguish their pasts. However, I find it a little comforting that the past will leave a mark even here.

But while knowing where we come from is important Reasons to be Cheerful is mostly about looking forward.
Amazing things happen around us all the time like a 9 Year Old climbing the Highest Mountain in the Americas, Police changing how they report crime so we can better understand why a crime is solved or remains unsolved or Santa celebrating Christmas in January in Space.Why not have a look at what else has been happening.

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