#R2BC Monday’s Good News Digest – Rising from the Ashes

From BBC News Website

Somedays you need a hero, well especially if you’re an English cricket fan hearing the news from Australia.
Last week we saw Marvel Comics reveal a new look Ms. Marvel. As nice as it is to see a young Pakisani lass in New York I have to say the sight of Qahera – a hijab wearing female superhero in Egypt impressed me far more. So a BIG shout out to Deena Mohamed & Qahera.

If hard hitting, hijab wearing superheroes aren’t raising a smile the please check out the stories below. I have to say that the unilateral FARC ceasefire in Columbia should help the ongoing peace process no end, but if the Ashes news and England’s World cup draw has you in tears remember that this weekend Great Britain nabbed:

World Cup Keirin Gold
World Cup Skeleton Silver
European Judo Gold
European Cross Country Gold

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