#R2BC Tuesday’s Good News Digest – Freedom?

Talk in the UK is very much around the publication of the Scottish National Party’s vision for Scottish independence ahead of next year’s referendum, but hunting through the news feeds it’s other stories of blows struck for rights and freedom that are grabbing my interest.

From the release of Beatrice Mtetwa in Zimbabwe, the vote for increasing the minimum wage in California and the promise of a Civil Rights Charter in Iran.

Today is also a stunning day for technology.
In my home town of Sheffield we see the opening of the First Digital Autopsy Centre bringing technological potential and none invasive techniques to anatomy and pathology. An English firm has developed a K-9 friendly washing machine to help the disabled and the world’s largest landfill site will become a huge solar power facility.I’ll admit that today’s stories took some digging but it goes to show that it’s worth reading below the fold.

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