#R2BC Friday’s Good News Digest – Making a Difference

Prowling the BBC News Website today and found a story about the above project looking to help homeless veterans in the US. To then see this post from Design Taxi about a project in Canada about providing help and raising awareness for the homeless struck a definite chord with me. I won’t deny that this chord may be striking harder because this weekend I move into a new home with my fiancee, something that I thought was unlikely to ever happen. Life has a way of constantly throwing the unexpected at us and it takes strength and support to weather the storm. As the video shows it’s amazing what a little support can do.

RainCity Housing Charity Project

That support seems to be an abiding theme in the positive news I’m seeing today whether it’s Ireland finding its way on the road to recovery, innovations in treating depression in the young, or hope for premature babies. Remember to reach out a helping hand to a friend this weekend. 🙂

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