#R2BC Wednesday’s Good News Digest – Back from the Developer

from the BBC News Website Image courtesy of NASA

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you might remember back in July someone had the idea of the Day the Earth Smiled. For those used to digital cameras waiting for your prints to come will be a new sensation but the image is back from Cassini. Remember to post this to Social Media and tag people if you see your friends smiling 😀

Today’s other reasons to be smiling include another step in the right direction for the recognition of love Hawaii has passed a bill to recognise Same-Sex Marriage. Plus, on the same day as Mark Carney announces that the economic recovery has taken hold we see the lowest unemployment figures for 3 years here in the UK.

With #R2BC I’m not here to say that bad things don’t or aren’t happening, but to highlight the good and to ask people to share the positive things in their lives. So if you’re reading these stories and they make you smile please remember to share your good news with the people around you or do what you can to help those who need it.

Donation link for the Disaster Emergency Committee appeal for the Philippines.

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