#R2BC Thursday’s Good News Digest – Of Truth & Peace

Not sure if this is a reason to be cheerful or not but today the 3 heads of the UK intelligence services will appear on TV being questioned by Intelligence & Security Committee. If not cheerful it is certainly historic and an unprecedented step in open government with the heads of MI5 (aka the security services), MI6 (aka Special Intelligence Services) and GCHQ (British equivalent of the NSA, General Communications Headquarters) being questioned by elected officials in a public forum. In recent years we have seen Dame Stella Rimington as a Reeth Lecturer on Radio 4 and also Radio 4 heading inside the Donut headquarters of GCHQ to hear about the work of the people who gather the intelligence that helps keep us safe. There are serious questions of trust being asked here but if we look across the world we can see the potential of what trust and hope can do, as Iran seeks to rebuild its place in the global community, the fragile dream of peace in the DR Congo, and the stop start of the peace talks with FARC in Columbia.Yes, today I have to say I am more than a little hopeful.

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