@BattleSystemsTWS Taking #Tabletop to a different level

A rare occurence today.
A random ad posted up in my Facebook feed actually coughed up something interesting and relevant.
Now this is about wargaming and tabletop RPGs so if Videogaming is your thing…well watch the video as it’s damned interesting.

I’ve been gaming for years, and few kids won’t have memories of playing with toy soldiers or action figures and turning a corner of their bedroom, home, landing, playground into a haven to house the battles and lives of their heroes. If you weren’t one of those kids, well may be I really am getting old.

Fans of Spacehulk or any number of games will remmber the joys of pretty floor plans and pushing your imagination to the limit, or 3D card ones that spindle the moment you punch them out or salivating over huge resin edifices in your local gaming store.

Well the boys at Battle Systems seem to have something new to bring to the deal. Consider my interest piqued.

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