#R2BC Wednesday’s Good News Digest – Unexpected Hero

I have a lot of politically active friends…well to be more honest I have a lot of friends who have very loud political opinions, at the very least on their social media feeds. A lot of the news is purely negative, and much of it taken as simple opportunities to kick out at the Them who happen to be in power or authority.

So today’s story jumping to the top of the list is about a politician doing something nice.

As a former community manager I know how easy it is to vilify, demonise and strike out at something faceless, especially on the internet. However, in my experience most of the elected officials I have met or worked with weren’t after power, money or recognition, most of them had been lucky in life and wanted to make a difference, helping people and stand-up for the values they believe in. Never met or spoken to your MP or local elected representative? This person is your voice in government, might be worth writing or talking to them and finding out what they do. You may well be surprised. 🙂

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