#R2BC Wednesday’s Good News Digest – Just a Little Louder?

From BBC News Site

Have to say I walked into walk this morning, logged in and the first thing I noticed when I logged in was this story about a guerilla upholsterer in Wales. A little bit human interest for #R2BC I’ll admit but to fun not to share.

Today, apart from a social media feed full of happy and relieved Soccer fans cheering England on to the World cup there are a number of stories that may have run under your Radar. Not least of which being another sporting first running fast on the heals of Afghanistan winning silverware for soccer and qualifying for the Cricket World Cup Bosnia-Hercegovina will be playing in the their first World Cup Finals.

The news of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny not going to prison may not sound like #R2BC fayre, but for anyone who has been follwoing the story or the situation in Russia recentlty, a little more opposition may be no bad thing.

And congratulations to her grace the new Archbishop of Sweden.
My good news may not be hers but I still hope it helps raise a few smiles.

I hope you enjoy this selection:

Just ’cause

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