#R2BC Monday’s Good News Digest – Little Gems

From BBC News Website. Image courtesy of the British Museum

For those wondering where I disappeared to, I have been struck down by an awful lurge, but I’m back and fighting for the good news!!
Looking through today much of news seems be about hidden treasures or improving economic prospects so it’s all about sparks and little glimmers today. Yes, I could have goe with the Banksy story but I think the Viking deserves the top spot.

From BBC News Website

I have to say the story that made me smile the most (and posted earlier) has been Crown Prosecution Service’s Director of Public Prosecution (For US readers he’s sort of the UK equivalent of a District Attorney) Kier Stamer’s statement that “Crude Victim Tests have to go” in an interview with the BBC.

The one that has warmed my heart the most is the story of 79 year old Kirk Reverand Aftab Gohar. Forgiving can be REALLY hard especially when you can never replace what has been lost but my heart goes out to this Scotsman.There’s a LOT of news from the weekend. Hope you can find your own gem to make you smile.

  • Kier Stamer: “Crude Victim Tests have to go”
  • Reverand Aftab Gohar forgives the suicide attackers who killed his family
  • Refugees returning home
  • Hundreds of illegal waste sites shut
  • Malala Yousafzai meets Obama at the White House
  • RoI should exit Euro Bailout by December
  • NI private sector gathers momentum
  • Scots economy gathering momentum
  • Eurozone industial output picks up
  • Bone Marrow Donor Campaign launches in Walesv
  • Dying toxic lagoon black helping to save lives
  • 19 cannon from 1700 found by divers
  • Silverdale Hoard gets permanent home
  • Banksy for $60
  • Elephants bridging the language gap
  • Fordham winning battle with the bottle
  • Lynn Claims 2nd Euro Tour Title
  • British Pair grab ironman podium finishes
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