Outgoing DPP Says: “”Crude Victim Tests have to go”

Outgoing DPP Says: “”Crude Victim Tests have to go”

Been following this debate for a while and have to say I have a lot of time for Kier Stamer on a variety of subjects after hearing him talk about guidance to the Police & Crown Prosecution Service about social media.

This issue in particular relates to access to justice and is important especially considering the news concerning sexual abuse cases in the UK in the moment. Victims need to feel that they can go to the authorities and report what’s happened without thr fear of suddenly being seen as a liar.

On the flip side of the argument, of course, are the accused. Just being accused of criminal activity, especially accusations of sexual misconduct, can literally destroy a persons life, doing untold emotional harm, damaging job prospects and turning someone into a pariah overnight, even opening them to the possibility of physical harm.

Currently, the identity of a suspect can be made public at the point when they’re arrested, and if you’re one of a number of suspects or eventually acquitted this can be a nightmare. Balancing this against the public interest and the need for transparency in the Justice system a better point might be when someone is actually charged.

That said, hat off, again, to Kier Stamer. leaving some awfully big shoes to fill.

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