#R2BC Monday’s Good News Digest – Delivering some Smiles

Coming across Banksy’s new project in New York definitely made me smile. As someone who has lived in both Bristol & London I’ve been privileged enough to see a wide variety of Banksy’s work and it pretty much all makes me grin, especially seeing this every day on the way to work for a few years.

Image from BBC Bristol

Which brings us neatly to the creation of the NCA in the UK. For some this may seem like a bad thing but with recent news and a national force able to bring needed skills and updates in dealing with child abuse and cybercrime is most welcome.

Lots of action over the weekend from the announcement that there are more women on big business boards and the CBi seeing massive growth in business confidence. To smaller stories such as a Dad going to the absolute limit to help his kids.

As the Afghan Cricket Team and Kenzo Shirai go to show, it pays to work hard and dream big.Here’s hoping some of your dreams come true today. 🙂

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