#R2BC Monday’s Good News Digest – Would You Like to Play a Game?

Well that was an exciting weekend.
I’ve been a fan of Games Workshop and games generally since I was a child, funny that, and the chance to let my geek run free on Sunday was a breath of fresh air.

Particular high lights included meeting up with Jervis Johnson. A long time gaming hero of mine this is the man who created BloodBowl, perhaps my all-time favourite boardgame. A humbling moment but also a wonderful time just to chat about games generally and American Football in particular with a hero and hopefully not sound TOO much like a raving fan boy. Play and sharing a moment to have fun with a game amongst friends or a friendly stranger is wonderful. it’s great to tell and share stories and good games, be they RPG, Wargames, Boardgames, etc. just make it that bit easier to break the ice.
If your Monday is feeling a little frozen I hope thes little internet gems will help warm things up.

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