#R2BC Friday’s Good News Digest – The Beatitudes

Came across this song from Macklemore of Thrift Shop fame. So often in music, and hip hop in particular, we hear protest expressed as rage so it’s wonderful to hear wisedom expressed softly and with love.

i chose beatitudes as today’s title as so many of the stories I’ve come across today follow that theme of humble generousity expressed in that famous peace of text:

Blessed are the Peacemakes as we see a ceasefire agreed in a Syrian town.
Blessed are the Meek as we see when someone handed in a rucksack full of money and in return a website has raised over $100,000 to help him start a new life.

And in an interview the iconoclastic Pope Francis continues to battle dogma saying the Catholic church has concentrated to much on dogma and petty rules.To be honest, add on the Iranians coming and saying the never want to have Nukes and today is looking pretty good.

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