#R2BC Thursday’s Good News Digest – Well THAT was unexpected

Check the images above they link to and article about the best street art found in 2012 and there are some amazing works. Left me grinning so I thought I’d share.

Compiling Reasons to be Cheerful today I’ve been grabbed by some HUGE and deeply surprising articles.

Not least of which are Pope Francis starting a serious and peaceful conversation in an Italian Newspaper with an Athiest and saying that basically it’s better to be a good person who doesn’t believe than a bad one who does. Not to be out done, Muslim scholars in Somalia have passed a judgement or Fatwa on, Al Qaeda aligned Islamists terrorists, al-Shabab saying that they and their practices have no place in Islam.

Closer to home a bunch of lads on a night out in Boston sort out a broken Bike Rack while out for a Kebab. Okay not quite as earth shattering but definitely up there with the utterly unexpected.
So remember to spread the love!

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