#R2BC Wednesday’s Good News Digest – The Talking Cure

It’s easy to last out, it’s easy to think that a thick ear or a quick slap can be the fastest answer to a problem.
A little like the description of WWI as a bar fight that’s doing the round. It’s good to know that we can stop and look for a better solution if it’s presented.

Looking at the news today and seeing North & South Korea making progress through negotiation and the US choosing the option to see the potential of chemical weapons being decommissioned rather than simply resorting to military force is heartening.

However, as someone who was lucky enough to be adopted and the amazing good that many foster families do hearing that the government is going to help support mental healt provision for those who struggle with the transition is something to celebrate. Suffering with mental health issues, even if you have the support of friends and loved ones can be hard and adoption can leave people conflicted and confused, so to see people getting the help they need is brilliant.It’s a day where we can see that serious problems can have diplomatic solutions…

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