#R2BC Friday’s Good News Digest – A Better Tomorrow?

If you’ve read my other blogs you may well have guessed that I am at heart a big old geek.
But with the release of the new trailer for RoboCop and the announcement of brand new super strong polymer artificial muscles, it’s hard for me not to go all fuzzy and cyberpunk. 🙂

Listening to the radio last night I’m also happy to announce that French President Francoise Hollande has agreed that more women should be selected for the French Pantheon of National Heroes. Importantly this is not going to be positive discrimination, any women selected will have to meet the same stringent criteria as men, but it’s great to see the doors openning to some genuinely amazing people. With the weekend coming up fast I hope everyone has a reason to celebrate and has lots of fun planned.
Here are some more stories to get you started on the right foot…

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