#R2BC Tuesday’s Good News Digest – Kicking Tapas, Taking Nombres #RestoretheRoar

Great start for the Great British Lions in Milan. First Game against Spain went 58-6 with plenty of highlight real for some good friends and amazing athletes. Brad Thompson, Adam Hope, Dan Conroy & Jack Daley not to mention the man, the legend Matt Davis with a fumble recovery.
Work just starting as the boys prepare for Italy tomorrow but one hell of a start. Highlights here. Keep it up and maybe we’ll see if we can get a Football Match at Buckingham Palace like the FA have managed to get.

In other interesting news the Conservative Party is actively investigating ways to raise the level of the minimum wage. Life is always full of the unexpected, and often in the darkest times is where we find the brightest light. Whether it’s the hope of a possible cure for dementia (Terry Prachett if you’re ready this I hope you’ll be around to find out about this one) or in the dark times of thousands of refugees fleeing Syria everyday the courage, strength and generousity of Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Kurdish Iraq to welcome lost souls to a place of safety.

As much as I love to help sharing smiles and hope, remember it’s in your power to do the same. Enjoy…

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