#R2BC Thursday’s Good News Digest – 100 Posts

It’s an odd feeling.
While I’d like to use the excuse of recovering from the Phoenix Game against the Wolverines on the Weekend, buying an engagement ring and then days of dealing with workmen at the flat for the recent absence of R2BC, it wouldn’t be entirely true.

I will admit to being more than a little scared, and lost for words. 100 posts and over 7 months in how do I celebrate.
The past is the past and in its way R2BC may be about truth but it is also, in its way, about looking forward.
Things are changing for me in a big way, getting married and buying a house etc.
Then I looked at the stories from today & yesterday just as “Awake my Soul” by Mumford & Sons hit my playlist:

Then I saw that the 28th of August was the anniversary of one of the most famous speeches about hope and the potential of the human spirit.
“I have a dream”, may be not as grand as Dr. King’s, but I’d like to leave the world a slightly better place than I found it and in a small way #R2BC is a start, so here are some reasons to hope, smile, cheer and dream…

I also downloaded a “Know No Fear” rather than “Prospero Burns”.
So I’m celebrating having a dream, my soul’s being told to wake up and know no fear.
Some days the universe can be a little heavy handed.I hope that #R2BC has made you smile or inspired you.
If it has please share it, subscribe or follow me on Twitter.
And remember to share your good news.

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