#R2BC Thursday’s Good News Digest – Everyman Deserves their Fair Share

Well today sees the US government extend spousal benefits to same-sex spouses in the Military. In a move that harkens back to Eisenhower desegregating the military in the last century this is GREAT news.

Speaking of Everyman getting their fair share, some of you may know that the Tamworth Phoenix will be playing in the Everyman Bowl 2013 this weekend in support of the Everyman male cancer appeal.

One of my all time football heroes is the Bears’ Running Back Brian Piccolo who died of cancer, but went down fighting.
So all I’ll say is please give generously.
I love bringing good news to people so please help the Phoenix and me raise funds so some other people and their families can hear news like, “You’re in remission.” Especially with the news of THIS milestone bit of cancer research.

You can give online HERE.
This may be a theme for the next few days, for which I make no apologies. 🙂

Enjoy the good news, and remember to share 😀

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